“Seamless Communication.”   “Structure and Visual Progress.”   “I was able to Reply Immediately.”

Manage hundreds of applications with a remote team.

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"We’re already swimming in applications…How could we change our process now?"

Not a problem. We can customize your application process in a matter of days. We’ll help you to transition applications and pick up right where you left off.

"Lenderfit made the onboarding process quick and comprehensive, at a time when we needed to implement the program within a day or two. David from their team was readily available to answer all questions and provided valuable feedback as we quickly built an application for an emergency loan fund. We now have an application process with Lenderfit that is easy for us and our clients to use!"


Applicants are constantly emailing for additional guidance and to confirm that information was received. Secure uploads, tracking, collecting, and reviewing documentation has always been frustrating. How will we possibly manage hundreds of loan applications at once?


Applicants are supported from start to decision with robust guidance and personalized automation that requires little effort from our business development officers. They’re able to focus on applications that are nearly complete while Lenderfit nurtures those who are just getting started. 

We’re moving people around internally, or thinking of hiring additional staff to help.

Before you expand your core team, consider whether or not collection AND review of documentation might be the bottleneck. Are you efficiently transferring documents and context to your underwriting team? Lenderfit supercharges lean teams with easy to use, yet sophisticated document and process management.

How is Lenderfit different, when we already have a client portal or manage applications with a CRM?


We’re a niche solution designed specifically for the application management needs of commercial lenders. Most client portals and CRMs do little to decrease loan package errors while enhancing communication and calling applicants to action. Book a demo to see how dramatically different Lenderfit is from your existing CRM or client portal solution.

We’ve spent several years and thousands of dollars on our existing technology.

We’re 100% focused on the application phase from start to decision. You’re able to use Lenderfit alongside existing software with minimal changes to your existing process.

New technology needs to make sense beyond emergency applications.

We were already helping lenders to dramatically improve their day to day operations prior to the COVID-19 crisis. Growing your team's capacity with a tool that increases customer satisfaction makes sense now and in the future.

Streamline your loan application process today.