“Seamless Communication.”  | “Structure and Visual Progress.”  |  “I was able to Reply Immediately.”

Manage 10x the 
application volume 

Illustration: Glazestock, Vivek

We know you’re busy. We designed Lenderfit for fast onboarding.

"It took us two weeks to go from contract to being live."

"We’d have to have another full-time person to accomplish all we do with Lenderfit. Maybe that level and then some."


Applicants are constantly emailing for additional guidance and to confirm that information was received. Secure uploads, tracking, collecting, and reviewing documentation has always been frustrating. How will we possibly manage hundreds of loan applications at once?


Applicants are supported from start to decision with robust guidance and personalized automation that requires little effort from our business development officers. They’re able to focus on applications that are nearly complete while Lenderfit nurtures those who are just getting started. 

 See how dramatically different your day could be with Lenderfit!