Simplifying Commercial Applications

Applications are projects! It's the journey to approval that drives efficiency and referrals, not the loan amount.

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Lenderfit is the premier Application & Communication Management tool for COVID related loans and grants.

More than a portal.
Designed from the ground up for
your team and your customers.

Personalized Automation
Engage every client with automated weekly status updates, and inactivity alerts.

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No-Code Custom Workflows
"Click to Create" Product templates are easy to create on they fly, and improve over time.
Process Management
Never miss a step. Underwrite complete packages with greater context from clients and Loan Officers.
Communication Management
Speed through underwriting with access to both Internal notes AND Client conversations along with each document, all in the same location.
Collect information and answers faster with SMS alerts, and no app to have to download.
Real-Time Dashboard
A clutter free dashboard to plan your day, and prepare for team meetings. Filter and sort based on communication, progress, and more.
Proactive Guidance
Total control over FAQ style guidance and resources that can't be misplaced
or missed.
Make Sure It's a Fit!
Teams up to 4
Teams over 5
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