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Downhome Solutions Integration Is Live!

Downhome Solutions and Lenderfit

Our integration with Downhome Solutions is up and running. With a click of a button, you can now create new records in Downhome with application-specific information!

Lenderfit + Downhome provides a robust solution for increasing your team’s capacity by working alongside clients in a core, real-time, front-end solution. Once a final decision has been made, essential information is seamlessly passed to Downhome for loan servicing and long term reporting.

  • Increase loan package production without the need for additional staff.

  • Manage applications as projects with multiple stakeholders

  • Collect documents and manage communication in one location (including SMS).

  • Leverage a modern user interface that enhances credibility while decreasing confusion for staff and clients alike.

  • Earn compliments and referrals from your clients with transparent cloud-based checklists.

Application management is project management. Our integration with Downhome Solutions, a market-leading loan servicing platform, allows us to continue focusing on world-class document, process, and communication management for lenders from start to final payment. We look forward to releasing more features throughout 2020 that allow our customers to achieve a higher ROI with pre-existing solutions like Downhome and Salesforce.


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