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Lenderfit: Now available for limited early access

simple, easy loan management software

LOUISVILLE Access Ventures, with support from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, is excited to announce the launch of a new software solution for small business lending called Lenderfit that is now available for limited early access. Lenderfit empowers small business lenders to grow their portfolios while simultaneously providing small businesses applicants with a better digital experience.

Making it easier for lenders to support small businesses with access to strategic growth capital is imperative. Lenderfit does this by increases overall efficiency for existing loan products while giving lenders the ability to easily innovate with new underwriting methods such as character-based lending. Funding for this project is part of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation’s overall effort to remove barriers for entrepreneurs as they seek to access capital.

Over the past five years, Access Ventures has helped hundreds of small businesses access non-traditional capital. These efforts range from a local Growth Loan that eliminates the need for financial collateral and minimum credit scores, to national endeavors which include collaboration on crowdfunding opportunities for 0% interest loans.

We have learned firsthand that collecting essential information for small business loan approvals is a frustrating and lengthy process. Lenderfit’s innovative design is a reflection of our own lending experience and critical interactions within local small business support ecosystems across the nation over the past five years. Lenders need a customizable and intuitive solution that allows applicants to provide information in the most convenient manner possible, at any time of the day, wherever they are.

Lenderfit has…

  • A customizable infrastructure for new and existing loan products;

  • Automated reminders that decrease the time it takes to collect essential underwriting information;

  • Automated confirmations that build trust with clients, confirming their activity as progress continues;

  • Customizable cloud-based checklists to decrease internal errors and client frustration;

  • And, a short implementation period measured in days or weeks, versus months.

We’re excited to share that Lenderfit is now available for limited early access. Sign up on our website at, or email us at to arrange a demo.


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