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How to Use Lenderfit for Technical Assistance Programs

Technical Assistance on Lenderfit

With many organizations working from home, providing technical assistance to clients has been a challenge while maintaining a safe distance. Luckily, we’ve seen some Training and Technical Assistance providers find clever ways to continue serving their communities on Lenderfit.

We’ve talked before about the importance of meeting your clients where they’re at. During a pandemic, that means virtual collaboration.

By providing an educational and intuitive experience online, TA providers are able to continue to work with clients. On Lenderfit, organizations can build classes from scratch and customize training for regional needs.

Clients are able to…

  • Complete TA tasks from their phones

  • Submit documents for review and support

  • Ask questions


Creating a TA Product

Within Lenderfit, a team can build technical assistance workflows that are either class or time-based, such as an ongoing monthly program. Simply click "create a new product" and you’re able to build your own TA workflows.

One example that I think encapsulates this well is a 12 month TA program that a Lenderfit customer created in collaboration with their local WBC. Of course, you can create one-off templates that are deeper dives into specific topics like Reopening or Marketing 101.

You can build and edit TA checklists at a moment’s notice within Lenderfit. While many useful resource lists have emerged, businesses are also in need of interactive education and support in meeting requirements that are often state and city-specific. Having the ability to edit and assign the most appropriate technical assistance workflow at the right time and place could mean the difference between success and failure.

Customize Client Checklist


Getting Your Team Setup

With permissions settings in Lenderfit, TA partners only have access to designated TA products. Any user on your team who has access to these checklists can work directly with the client. Checklist owners receive alerts when documents are uploaded or comments are made. You maintain the big picture view with the ability to see all activity within a few seconds.

Permissions Settings

After a client account is created, it’s a simple process to invite them into multiple short or long-term training workflows.

Pro Tip: Go beyond webinars and zoom calls with secure document upload. Provide granular feedback on financials, marketing collateral, business plans, etc.

If you would like to learn more about how we’re helping Training and Technical Assistance Programs, let’s talk!


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